Annoying Devil

Ballssteel annoyingdevil

Annoying Devil
Jason Attar And Barrie Hall
Series 1/2

The Annoying Devil Is a character from Balls Of Steel and goes around annoying people and playing pranks. In season 1 he went round London And England And Paris In 1 Episode. In Season 2 He went round Australia. And He had Annoying Devil Jr.

Ballssteel annoyingdevil

Season 1 Edit

In Season 1 he pulled stunts like Annoying And pulling pranks to the old folks. The Most popular one will be Dog poop on the London bridge. And he even Annoyed and Pranked A Guy All day by putting hair gel on the phone and sticky spray on the pens, pencils and headset. And when he left is house to go to work he put a for sale sign with is work number on and he gets calls saying can we view the house.

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